Tea Packaging

Tea is very critical to pack, there are many forms of tea, which are manufactured on a daily basis and require certain packaging solutions. Effective tea packaging is needed to store and transport various forms of tea with ease. SwissPacktea packaging produces superior quality tea bags, which are suitable for various forms of tea packaging such as

  • Green tea packaging
  • Darjeeling tea packaging
  • Ice tea packaging
  • Flavored tea packaging
  • Oolong tea packaging
  • Fruit tea packaging

Our tea bags are available in 9 colors rotogravure custom printed options. These bags have unique and innovative designs which are able to lure consumers to the shelves. These bags are also inclusive of various plastic films like

  • PPE
  • BOPP
  • PE
  • MET

We provide high gas barrier tea packaging, which protect the tea from external contact that tarnishes the taste and aroma. These bags are available with some added features like

  • Re-sealable zippertea pouches
  • Hanging holes
  • Euro slot
  • Degassing valve
  • Tear notch
  • Transparent window

We also include metalized or aluminium foil lamination within our bags and these high quality tea bags provide a high moisture barrier and help in elongating the shelf life of the products. So our tea packaging is reliable, flexible and durable enough.

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Tea Packaging
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