SwissPack is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of superior quality Super Grain Bags which are produced by using highly advanced and state-of-art technologies. These bags are featured with excellent superiority, creativity, efficiency and durability. Super Grain Bags are the counterpart of jute bags, burlap bags, pp woven bags and hdpe bags, grain storage bags or some chemical storage bags and green coffee packaging bags. Our storezo bags are useful for packaging products like

  • Grainsstorezo bags
  • Highly perishable food
  • Coffee beans, etc

Our Super Grain Bags are one of the unique and innovative packaging solutions introduced in the market. Green coffee beans have a higher chlorogenic acid content so it becomes easily rancid with the exposure to moisture and oxygen. Our bags are designed to fill green coffee beans to ensure its freshness and extended shelf life. These bags are helpful for maintaining the quality and freshness form storage to transportation process.

So our Super Grain Bags or jute bags are beneficial for the exceptional shelf appeal and brand image, lower costs and lower complexity, greater creativity and flexibility and smoother runs and excellent high-speed conversion.