Spices Packaging

Spices are classified as one of the most sensitive products that should be packaged very carefully as they are affected by the impact of sunlight and the change of cold to warm temperatures. Due to this, Spices packaging has become essential so the aroma remains within the spice products. Therefore SwissPack provides superior quality bags for spices packaging. Our spice bags are useful for packaging various products including

  • Chili powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Coriander powder, etc.

We provide metalized laminated and aluminium foil bags for spice packaging, which are helpful for elongating the shelf life of the products. We also include various plastic films within the production process of our spice bags; these materials arespice packaging

  • PPE
  • BOPP
  • PVC
  • PE

Our spice bags are also available in the custom printed selection, for which we utilize the latest rotogravure printing up to 9 colors. We provide improved packaging designs that appeal to consumers; hence you can get better visual appearance of the spice products. These bags are inclusive of various accessories such as

  • Re-sealable zippers
  • Euro slots
  • Hanging holes
  • Tear notch
  • Degassing valve
  • Transparent window

Our gas barrier bags are helpful in maintaining the freshness and aroma of the spice products. We also provide crystal clear spice bags to show the quality and colors of the spice products to the customers.

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