Snack food products are present around the globe today; hence lots of universal companies content to capture the big share of the snack food market. Thus, for extant during this throat cut competition still as improve the security and charm of the merchandise, selection of the foremost acceptable snack food packaging is utmost important. Swisspack provides hygienically ready airtight and moisture-free snack food packaging bags, which are helpful for preserving the freshness, flavor and quality of the merchandise. Our snack food pouches are useful for packaging various products from diverse industries includingSnack food packaging

  • Dried fruit packaging
  • Crackers packaging
  • Nuts packaging
  • Chips packaging and many others

We offer various unique and innovative designs for our snack food bags, which are gusted bags, stand up pouches, side seal bags, Kraft look pouches, jute look high barrier bags, pillow pouches and many more. All these types of bags are available in stock and custom printed selections as per the requirements of our clients. For our custom printed snack food packaging bags, we utilize the latest rotogravure technique so that we are able to print up to 9 colours custom printed bags with company logo, brand name and other important information. These bags are an effective marketing tool and helpful for tempting consumers towards shelves. We manufacture our every snack food pouches including superior quality materials such asNuts packaging

  • PPE
  • BOPP
  • PE
  • MET

We also include the metalized or aluminium foil layers for producing our snack food bags which are able to preserve the products from contamination and elongate the shelf life of the products. Our snack food packaging pouches are also furnished with various accessories including zip closure, hanging holes, tear notch, Euro slot, degassing valve and transparent window as per the given specifications of our customers. These accessories provide more convenience to the consumers. These versatile and sturdy snack food packaging bags are often ready to provide convenience in storage and transportation of the merchandise. So our innovative snack food packaging enhances the visibility of merchandise on the shelves.

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