Quad seal bags are one of the effective and innovative styles of packaging which can refer as four side sealed bags. These bags are one of the most reliable and stable flexible bags which are securely sealed on all four sides of the bag. This packaging style is prominent selection amongst consumers. Quad sealed pouches are useful for packaging those heavier in weight products as the sealing of four side of the pouch ensures extra strength. Swisspack produces high quality Quad sealed bags which can be available in several colors, sizes and dimensions. Our quad seal bags are generally useful for packaging several products including

  • Coffee and tea
  • Snack food products
  • Spices
  • Dairy products
  • Chocolate
  • Pharmaceutical products and other items

Our quad sealed bags are produced by including the highest quality plastic materials such as PET, MET, BOPP, LLDPE, PPE and PVC which helps for enhancing the durability of the bags and for heightening the capability of preserving the products for a long period of time. We use metalized or aluminium laminated films for producing our poly gusseted bags which assist with elongating the shelf life of the commodities. These quad seal bags areQuad seal bags equipped with several accessories such as

  • Re-sealable zippers
  • Hanging holes
  • Euro slot
  • Tear notches
  • One way degassing valves
  • Transparent windows

By using the foil gusseted bags, you can find less possibility of breakage compared to glass packaging. We provide biodegradable quad sealed bags which reflect a more environment friendly approach of doing business. These bags are often self standing that makes it shelf friendly and client luring. Consumers are fascinated to buy the products so it increases the sales as well. The custom printed quad sealed bags assist with the display of nutritional information which can be very vibrantly and visibly shown to consumers. It is an effective marketing tool for your products and brand.

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