1. What is the expected delivery time for stock products?

    Our delivery time is 1-2 working days(North Island) 2-3 working day (South island) We may need to order stock from india, which will take 7-10 working days. But we do aim to have standard stock products available at all times.

  2. What is the minimum quantity of standard stock product I need to order?

    We have a minimum purchase quantity of 500 for our stock lines.

  3. Am I able to get a sample of your bags before placing my order?

    Yes we are happy to supply you with samples of our bags, and encourage you to do this so you know the sizing is correct for your product.

  4. Can I get a custom made printed bag specific to my requirements?

    Yes you can, when it comes to custom made bags you can have it made exactly how you want it. Just contact us with your size and artwork, we will then get this quoted for you and once you have signed off on it, we will get it made. Usually 25 days for production then we can get it airfreighted (at cost) or sea freighted.