Cold Seal Packaging

Heat sensitive foods like confectionery chocolate, ice cream, pastries and many others are effectively packaged in cold seal packaging. SwissPack provides cold seal packaging, which is a popular and effective option for confectionery products. We produce confectionery packaging films with matte, gloss or shiny finish which make them more identifiable amongst the consumers. This innovative packaging is consumer luring, hence helps to increase sales of the
products. Our cold seal packaging is mainly composed of

  • BOPP
  • PPE
  • PVC
  • Metalized and non-metalized polyester

Our highly flexible cold seal packaging allows for confectioneries and cookies packaging of various shapes to be
wrapped and these rolls are environmentally friendly as they can be recycled. These packaging from is help for various
products from diverse industries including

  • Chocolate packagingPlastic Bags
  • Pastry packaging
  • Ice cream packaging
  • Granola bar packaging
  • Protein bars packaging
  • Cakes packaging

You can be able to reduce time packing and sealing with the help of cold seal packaging. It can be an easy to open packaging solution. It preserves the properties of flavor, aroma and appearance of the product so you would be ensured that the products are protected.

Cold seal roll Cold seal
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