Cheese is one of the dairy products, which are rich in nutrients and calcium. Now a day it is consumed by many individuals around the world and it is amongst those food groups that are consumed alone and also enjoyable with the rest of the meal. Swisspack offers cheese packaging bags, which are produced by utilizing superior quality materials and high grade technology so that the cheese products packaged inside these bags would not be affected by the direct impact of sunlight and the change of cold and warm temperature. We provide innovative and unique styles of cheese packaging bags, which would be helpful for distinguishing the products from the competitive industries. Flexible PackagingThese cheese bags are most frequently used for packaging diverse forms of cheese products including

  • Diced cheese
  • Grated cheese
  • Sliced cheese
  • Cubes of cheese, etc.

We provide cheese packaging bags with stock as well as custom printed selections, which cater for the needs of each of your cheese products. The latest rotogravure technique has been utilized for producing the custom printed cheese bags, printed up to 9 colors. We provide several cheese packaging bag forms such as stand up pouches, retort bags, flat bottom pouches, vacuum bags, pillow pouches, cold seal rolls, gusseted bags and various others. These bags are available in matte finish, shiny finish and gloss finish so they are able to fascinate consumers towards the products packaged inside and improve the sales as well. Our cheese packaging bags areCheese packaging equipped with several modifications such as

  • Zip closure
  • Tear notch
  • Degassing valves
  • Euro slot
  • Transparent window

We produce metalized as well as aluminium foil packaging bags, which ensure products’ freshness and help for elongating the shelf life of the products. Our cheese packaging bags are produced by including various plastic films like LLDPE, PPE, BOPP, MET and PE, which are able to enhance the strength, durability, flexibility and product tenacity. They provide ease of use and trouble free storage and transportation of the cheese products. So we offer safe, reliable, innovative and cost efficient cheese packaging solution.