Swisspack is a leading manufacturer, supplier and innovator of superior quality flexible packaging solutions. With 30 years experience, we have the expertise to provide durable and unique packaging bags which are produced by using state of the art technology and premium quality materials. We are one of the largest stockist of unprinted and custom printed packaging bags. We have been utilizing the latest rotogravure technique for printing up to nine colour custom printed bags. We provide a wide range of packaging bags and pouches including,

    • Stand up pouches
    • Pillow pouches
    • Paper bags
    • Biodegradable plastic bags
    • Coffee bags
    • Vacuum bags
    • Flat bottom pouches and many more.

Our packaging solutions are of the highest quality as we make use of various plastic films like PPE, LLDPE, BOPP, PE and MET, which provides high durability standards. We also include metalized or aluminium foil layers within our bags so that the shelf life of the products would be elongated. Our bags are useful for packaging products from diverse industries such as

  • Super food packaging
  • Detergent packaging
  • Tea packaging
  • Energy bar packaging
  • Spice packaging and many others.

Our production facilities are set up in USA, UK, China, African-American, North America and Australia. You can feel free to choose the packaging solution as per your products’ requirements.

Kraft Brown Paper Bags

Kraft Brown Paper Bags With Zipper Foil Lined

Rectangle Window with Clear

One side Brown Paper and Other side Full Rectangle Window with Clear



Kraft Brown Paper Bags


Block Bottom Bags

stand up pouches

Block Bottom Bags

flat bottom pouches

Plastic Scoops

plastic scoop

Coffee Bags

coffee bags

Salt Packaging

salt packaging

Shrink Sleeves

shrink sleeve

Tea Packaging

tea packaging

Cold Seal Packaging

cold seal roll

Detergent Packaging

detergent packaging